Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Silver Valley Sports Recap




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By CHANSE WATSON Managing Editor










Here?s a very tall tail: Two record-setting cats are living together near Detroit. Arcturus Aldebaran Powers holds the Guinness World Records mark for tallest domestic cat, measuring around 19 inches. Housemate Cygnus Regulus Powers holds the record for the domestic cat with the longest tail, measuring more than 17 inches. The cats live in Farmington Hills with Will and Lauren Powers. Guinness says they sought the records to raise awareness about a cat shelter. Will Powers told The Detroit News that people often want to have photos taken with the cats, so they ask them for donations for the shelter. He says both cats are about 2 years old. MLive. com reports that Arcturus could keep growing until age 4 or 5. ? Associated Press


Silver......................$17.15/oz. Gold...................$1,308.00/oz. Lead..............$2,317.00/tonne Zinc...............$3,042.00/tonne TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWS- PRESS, CALL (208) 752-1120 © Copyright 2017 News-Press Vol. 33, No. 49 Web: KELLOGG ? Because of how the fire districts in the Silver Valley are designed, Shoshone County Fire District No.1 (SCFD1) firefighter John Miller says it is common for members of responding districts and departments to meet each other on calls for the first time. Men and women, who do the same job less than 15 miles away from each other, routinely fight fire and save lives shoulder-to-shoulder with individuals they have never even exchanged pleasantries with. On Aug. 29 though, all of our local emergency servicemen and women had the opportunity to really get-toknow one another when Kellogg was threatened by one of the largest structure fires in recent Shoshone County history. In addition to a full response from our local firefighters, the small Idaho town?s call for help was answered by several surrounding agencies. From St. Maries to Prichard/Murray and Mullan to Coeur d?Alene, crews came to assist anyway they could. Because of this massive and truly impressive response to help our community, the city of Kellogg passed resolution #2017-01 that officially shows appreciation to all who helped limit the damage. ?It?s well deserved,? Kellogg Mayor Mac Pooler said. See THANKS, A8 People gather bricks at McConnell Hotel Block Party on Saturday.

Block party!

By JOSH MCDONALD Staff Reporter This past weekend the owners of McConnell Hotel decided to have a ?Block Party? for most of Saturday to help raise some money and bring a little closure to the community. After the building was gutted by a devastating fire last month, the building was demolished and since then people had been asking about what would become of the bricks. ?Since so many people expressed interest in getting some of the bricks we were thinking about doing a block party,? owner Guy Seiferd said. Photo by JENNIFER MCDONALD ?It will allow folks to come and get some bricks in exchange for donations.? The donations Seiferd mentioned will go directly to the local fire department for building and equipment improvements. See PARTY, A8

Fire cause still under investigation

By CHANSE WATSON Managing Editor KELLOGG ? It may be some time before an official cause of the McConnell Hotel fire is declared, according to local and state fire officials. Since the fire occurred on Aug. 29, speculation has been rampant concerning what started the massive blaze that could have destroyed much of uptown Kellogg. Days after the fire, investigators with various insurance companies flooded the area to measure the scope of the damage to the buildings or businesses their companies cover. In the case of the McConnell though, it appears any private investigation that was set to take place has now been called off. According to Andy Thomas, a fire investigator with the Donan Co., the insurance company that covered the building and hired Donan has elected to See FIRE, A8

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